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Welcome to Flight of Fire's Patreon video! We have some huge plans for the future and we thank you for taking the time to check out what this is all about! 

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So why are we doing this weird new thing? We'll tell you. First, here’s what Patreon is:

Patreon is a relatively new thing, and it was invented because the invention of the internet has made music available to everyone. There's a beauty to this, but there's also a dark side - it is much harder these days for artists to make a living with their work! Patreon's solution to this problem is to create a way for fans to help support the artists they love in an ongoing way - for the cost of a cup of coffee every month, fans can make a huge difference in the lives of independent artists like us! In return, every Patron is inducted into a superfan club that allows them to connect with Flight of Fire on a much deeper and personal level than just social media. You collaborate with us, you see parts of us we don't show the world at large; you become an integral part of our journey and our art. This kind of relationship isn't for all our fans, but if you love what we do and you want to deepen your relationship with us, or if you just want to help us in our daily struggle to keep Flight of Fire afloat, this is an amazing way for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you!

As a patron of Flight of Fire, you will get (not released to the public): monthly livestreamed concerts, behind-the-scenes footage, video blogs from the band, sneak peaks of new music all the way through production, in-depth and hidden meanings of our songs, isolated vocal, instrumental and FX tracks from our songs, and you'll have the opportunity to be a contributing voice to our music via polls and discussions! PLUS: Every single music video, cover video, single and album we release - you will get exclusive access to one week early! PLUS PLUS: As soon as you become a patron, we'll send you our entire discography. 

Okay, and why is Patreon a good fit for Flight of Fire and our fans? Well, our story will make that clear.

We're an all-female hard rock band formed at Berklee College of Music. Since our graduation in 2014, we've been working our asses off trying to make it all the way to the top - our dreams are as big as they come, and we won't take no for an answer. Generally, we don't like to talk about the negative side of doing what we do, because we love it with all our hearts and we have no regrets at all, but it's not an easy road. None of us come from money, and we're all saddled with some pretty terminal college debt, so it's no surprise that many of our songs are about coming from small beginnings and never letting anything stop you. Our most recent album, Path of the Phoenix (2016), is an allegory for surviving a year of some serious challenges in the music industry and not letting it stop us from chasing down our dream. Shortly after our graduation, we were bashed around by a few bad characters in the music industry and got into a couple rough situations, financial and otherwise, but we learned a lot of valuable lessons from those experiences: when it comes to making a life in music, you must trust yourself, and you must trust your fans. We have the best fans in the world - so many people who love our music and believe in what we're doing, who've supported our Kickstarter, gotten out the vote for us countless times, helping us win many awards(*), and been there for us to share some of the most amazing experiences of our lives, including opening for huge artists like Bon Jovi, J. Geils Band, Lita Ford, Fitz and the Tantrums, Hunter Valentine and Alestorm, and recording with the ledgendary Cherie Currie of the Runaways. Our fans have supported our volunteer efforts with orgs like The Girls Rock Campaign (**) and charity causes, including our multi-media awareness endeavor about sexual violence, the Stolen Voices Project(***). And in this day and age, it really comes down to a band's relationships with its fans that makes success even vaguely possible. We are committed to this path, this band, this message, this music for life. There is no plan B. There is no other way we could live and be remotely satisfied with ourselves. So what do we do? We could sit around thinking we're the best and hope for a major record deal to pop out and yell "boo!", or we could do everything we can to make the life and the career we want happen right now! But things take money. And the cold hard truth is, even after all the awards we've won, all the battles of the bands where we've been victorious, and all the amazing national and international artists we've opened for, Flight of Fire doesn't even come close to covering our costs of running an independent band. Getting paid for shows is nearly unheard of in the American scene, and selling digital music is a rarity, even with the many many hours of promotion we do every week (we recently calculated that we do about 110+ hours a week of promotion and booking work for the band), and the ONLY problem with all that is that there isn't enough time in the day! Not enough time to put our 110% into the band and still have time to work a full-time job. Let me be clear: we have NO problem living under the poverty line, but we just wish we had the money to make more music, more videos, more shows, more Flight of Fire! We already have enough songs for TWO more full length albums, and detailed, geeky plans to make music videos for every song we've released so far. But we don't have the resources to make these things a reality. Honestly, we get jealous of the artists who come from rich families or can live at home and spend all their time on their art, but that won't stop us from bringing our music and our message of empowerment to the world. Nothing will! And so, after reading all this rambling, if you're nodding your head along with us, this might be a good fit! It's your chance to be a real part of our journey! And we could not be more touched that you believe in us! We won't let you down!

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