Path of the Phoenix

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Path of the Phoenix


Path Of The Phoenix (2016) is a concept album about the treacherous journey of doing whatever it takes to follow your own truth. Path of the Phoenix includes such hits as "My Last Gamble", "Rockstar Life" and "In Spite of You". The heroine of the story goes through war, abuse and coercion, and she pushes through all of it, fighting for her dream to her last breath. It’s a story of trauma recovery and of what can be accomplished by having the willpower to stay on your path, even while fighting an uphill battle. Produced by Liz Borden.

Praise for Path Of The Phoenix :

"Armed to the teeth with their album Path of the Phoenix, a 7-song anthem to rock n' roll excess, the band sets out to find a true "Rockstar Life".  Screaming guitars, grueling riffs, and powerhouse vocals abound as they  take on Boston and beyond"

- The Deli Magazine

"There is a fire in the soul of this band that comes from deep within, an energy that can't be contained - you can feel it.  “My Last Gamble” is just one of many captivating songs that will instantly make you a fan."

- Indie Spoonful

"Flight of Fire amply demonstrates on Path Of The Phoenix that they've got what it takes to churn out high quality rock and roll with depth and feeling. Yes, these girls (women) can rock like nobody's business!"


"Their songs are finally crafted to be crowd-pleasers, getting people who may not even know them up to the stage."

-National Rock Review

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