Maverick, selected works

The works below are a selection of various aspects of maverick's writing experience. For more information on Maverick's performance and production experience, please visit the main Flight of Fire website using the navigation tools above.

Flight of Fire

The songs above are a selection of the songs written by Maverick and performed by her as part of multiple award-winning band Flight of Fire. My Last Gamble has been recognized with a Hollywood Music In Media Award for best in folk/acoustic/americana. The music video for My Last Gamble was nominated for a Worcester Music Award. In Spite of You was nominated for best vocal performance. All songs published by marmoset Music.

Stolen Voices

The Stolen Voices Project was written, directed and engineered by Maverick in 2014 to raise awareness about sexual violence. Maverick was awarded the Walter W. Harp Liberal Arts Music And Society Award by Berklee College of Music for her work with the Stolen Voices Project. Maverick also received a presidential award for volunteer work , a Daily Point Of Light Award, for her continued work with the project in 2016.

Educational songs

The songs above are a few out of the collection of songs that were written in collaboration with ESL curriculum developer Sequoia Wild at Sukusuku World in Tachikawa, Japan for the purpose of helping Japanese preschoolers learn english and American culture through musical performance. "Thank you, Always" was written for a group of 5-year-olds, and "Our Boss, Santa Claus" was written for a large group of 3-5 year-olds. The instrumental gaps in "Our Boss, Santa Claus"  were designed to give time for the teachers to explain the American traditions of Christmas to the audience of parents. Lyrics written by Maverick and Sequoia Wild, Music written and produced by Maverick.