Flight of Fire Releases Kickstarter For New Album - Path of the Phoenix

Path of the Phoenix is a concept album about the treacherous journey of doing whatever it takes to follow your own truth.

The four of us are very excited to be working on Path of the Phoenix, because we feel strongly about the topics we've tackled in these songs - the battle for true independence, the seemingly irresponsible nature of the bohemian, vagabond lifestyle, taking big risks in order to follow big dreams, being able to walk away from abuse with your head held high, and never letting anything get in the way of what's right for you, no matter what fears get in your way.

We need your help to make it happen! Watch our video HERE!

FEB 9th UPDATE: WE ARE 71% funded with 6 days left to go! AHHH! Can we make it?!

FoF: Finalists in NEMA's "Last Band Standing"

The New England Music Awards nominated Flight of Fire and 29 other bands out of a pool of more than 500 submissions to take part in The Last Band Standing battle of the bands, a five-night series of battles culminiating in the final round on October 17th at the hard rock cafe in Boston.

On September 9th, Flight of Fire battled against 4 other bands and won the right to progress to the finals on October 17th! More details on the finals to come!

FoF Wins Boston Finals of Hard Rock Rising

Out of 170 Bands, Flight of Fire was chosen, along with 8 other groups, to take part in the live battles for the Boston Hard Rock Rising international battle of the bands! We are honored to have gotten this far in this prestigious competition, and we intend to take our success as far as we can! On March 27th, we won our qualifying battle and became finalists, and on April 24th, Flight of Fire battled it out for a chance at the finals. The other three bands, Andres, Those Alone and Jeff Bellucci were all amazing, and it was an honor to play alongside them.

Flight of Fire won the $1,000 prize and became the Boston representatives. Judges will decide who from our global region will continue to the global finals in Barcelona, Spain - winner to be announced on May 15th!